Approved by Mission and Outreach Committee:  November 17, 2015

Endorsed by Church Board:  December 2, 2015

Approved at Annual Meeting of Bethel Congregational United Church of Christ January 24, 201

Whereas, safe and comfortable shelter/housing is essential to human life and dignity; and

Whereas, some 50% of Oregonians may have a hard time finding housing that they can afford; and


Whereas, lack of enough affordable housing contributes to homelessness, overcrowding, neighborhood displacement, couch-surfing, school disruptions, and financial hardship; and

Whereas, in the current economy, wages for low and middle income workers are stagnant while housing costs are increasing, contributing to expanding income inequality; and

Whereas, past policies and practices in building have contributed to racial, ethnic, and economic residential separations;


The Social Justice Advocacy in Action Committee urges the members and friends of Bethel Congregational United Church of Christ


  1. be mindful of the existing and developing housing patterns in the church’s immediate neighborhood and in their own neighborhoods,and


  2. act to support diverse neighborhoods with adequate affordable housing by
  1. participating in neighborhood civic groups,
  2. sending letters and making calls to elected officials,
  3. contributing to organizations supporting emergency shelters and affordable housing, and
  4. having conversations with neighbors about the value of living in diverse neighborhoods with adequate affordable housing.
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